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Information security management

About us

Sysnet has over 30 years experience delivering high quality, effective business solutions. An in–house dedicated team offer a range of services from bespoke software development to general IT support.

  • Messaging and Collaboration Skills : HCL Domino (Formerly IBM Domino/Lotus notes) / Microsoft 365
  • Solution Skills : Web technology, Database solutions, Mobile applications for Apple iOS and Android
  • Systems and User IT Support : Onsite and remote, Technical and user desktop


Identifying business needs – determine solutions to business problems or identify opportunities for innovation.


Strong, reliable foundation based on leading web technology solutions. First impressions matter.


Engineered for today's businesses – mobile apps development and enterprise mobility.


Monitor and maintain your system. Provide technical assistance and user support – onsite or remotely.

Services offered

Creating software takes collaboration across multiple disciplines. Sysnet specialise in creating practical and cost effective business solutions for a wide range of clients across a variety of industry sectors; including construction, logistics, retail and government.

IT support and Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance, user support and continuing improvement are key to ensuring long–term returns from your solution. Sysnet can provide maintenance, technical assistance and user support to ensure successful adoption and ongoing evolution to suit changing requirements.

Software Development

Business solutions need strong, reliable foundations based on your business needs. Leading web and supporting technologies are used to build well–thought–out, reliable, system architectures supported by robust data structures.

Mobile Application Development

Businesses of all sizes rely on mobile solutions to improve processes or satisfy customers. Sysnet are experienced in building Apps for both iOS and Android platforms and will deliver store–ready solutions designed to deliver benefits for you and your users.

User Interface Design

Strong user interface principles are crucial to the success of any product development process. Sysnet's UI designers work progressively to develop an aesthetic, clear and responsive design for your system or product.

Microsoft 365
HCL Domino/Lotus notes

Portfolio work

Based on experience, sector knowledge and industry partnerships, Sysnet has a portfolio of products and solutions that are field proven and trusted to perform.


From its origins in 2005, Snagmaster is a proven, effective and unique project productivity solution designed to simplify, streamline and manage the completion and handover process of any construction project. Snagmaster has currently supported over 2000 projects. www.snagmaster.co.uk

Features include
  • Fully featured companion Apps.
  • Comprehensive project dashboard.
  • Planners progress grid.
  • Package matrix.
  • Customisable form module.
  • Quality assurance checklists.
  • Automated alerts and reports.
  • Enterprise (Director's) portal.
  • Full administration module for corporate users.
User Settings

User Settings

Customise the project dashboard to show only the information panels that are relevant to you.

Dashboard Charts

Information panels

Dashboard information blocks are modular and can be positioned to suit personal or project perferance. Blocks can also be set to display table or chart visual

Dashboard Panels

Panel Positioning

Reorder by dragging and dropping the information panels on the project portal to suit your requirements.

Plan Pinpoint Locations

Location Mapping

Manage locations and map to plans via a filter and drag approach. The portal drives the appearance on the companion Apps.

Snag Dashboard

Snag information

Every event in the life–cycle of each snag is stored including fix and inspection history, mis–issues, photos, attached files and comments.

Information Charts


Produce a variety of graphs and reports.

Snag Downloads

Download & eMail documents

Every stage of the snag life–cycle is stored and can be downloaded or emailed including photos, attached files and comments.

Case studies

People using Shopper Track Online Replay


STOR (Shopper Track – Online Replay) – Sysnet developed and operate an online computer system suitable for multi–client, commercial shopper tracking and analysis, designed to be commercially exploited on a managed service basis and capable of supporting multiple partners and their customers without changes or modifications. ("STOR"). The service is licensed exclusively by Store Fact (https://storefact.no) and is used, along with their expertise in interpretation and analysis, to improve results from retail outlets around the world.

Technical support

Technical support

Sysnet provide first to third line advanced Domino Technical Services and Domino Development Services to an international manufacturer of info–telecom and printer products, operating in 120 countries. Services are provided across the entire Domino stack including messaging, mobile, Traveler and Sametime, migration services, database replication management, database modifications and changes.



National Airline – The digital pen based system known as "TRIP" was used by BA's 275 Turnaround Co–ordinators to manage Load Control on departing flights. In operation from 2008 to 2014 TRIP handled hundreds of thousands of departures from Heathrow and Gatwick airports. Sysnet developed the pen processing system, the mobile handset transport software (Symbian / Nokia), the back end databases and management module which was deployed and integrated into BA's own hardware infrastructure, including security, data encryption and single sign–on. In addition Sysnet provided second tier 24–7 support.

Electrical setup

Assessment / Examination body

Sysnet developed, operate and support the front end and intermediate stages of the assessment management system for the UK national administrator of Assessments of Competence for electrotechnical and electrical engineering industries. The system is used by assessors working in 70 assessment centres across the UK certifying over 6000 new electricians each year.

The solution included the development of a comprehensive iOS App for use by assessors that operates in offline or online mode, allows assessments to be checked in and out, manages the assessment including evidence gathering, and records proof of a candidate's identity. Any new assessments are configured in a central system and seamlessly become available for assessors within the App.

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